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Amazon Fba packaging and shipping guidelines 2017 new

The Amazon Fba packaging and shipping guidelines 2017 is important to follow to avoid any type of inconvenience in the shipping process. If the guideline and requirement is not followed properly than there are chances that you may miss some important requirement and it can result in the rejection of your product from the fulfillment center.

Step by Step Amazon Fba packaging and shipping guideline 2017

  • It is very important that the pallet should according to the packaging requirements prescribed the FBA, which can be read here and it should be labeled from all sides.
  • Each pallet should be labeled with your company name and address, Amazon distribution center address and zip code. It is also required that an Amazon logo should also be labeled on the pallet. The labels can be creating in the shipment creation tools.
  • It is recommended to order products on the freight on board (FOB) terms form the supplier and the cargo will be shipped to your freight provider.
  • Always order delivery duty paid shipment to the Amazon Fba because Amazon is not responsible for any type of duties and custom.
  • Amazon Fba allows the sellers to use the private label feature, which means that the suppliers can sell their product under their own brand name.
  • Having a good product description, picture and correct product details can enhance the product personality.
  • Remember if the packaging is poor, it can result in damaging the goods and in the end the Fba will rejected the damaged packages. Therefore , prepare it correctly and according to the requirements set by the Amazon Fba
  • Once your listings are completed, the products are ready to be shipped to the prescribed Amazon fulfillment center and your freight forwarder will finally ship it to the Amazon Fba.

This was a precise Amazon Fba and shipping guideline. However, visit the following resources for complete information.


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