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Shipping To The Canada Amazon By Fulfillment(FBA)

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Shipping To The Canada Amazon By Fulfillment from Shenzhen city China, there have two shipping ways, One is by air, one is international express(DHL FedEx UPS TNT) services.

Canada Amazon fulfillment center locations

YVR1 450 Derwent PL Delta, British Columbia V3M 5Y9 Vancouver British Columbia V3M5Y9

YYZ1 6363 Millcreek Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1L8 Toronto Ontario L5N1L8

YYZ2 2750 Peddie Rd. Milton, Ontario L9T 6Y9 Toronto Ontario L9T6Y9

YYZ3 7995 Winston Churchill Blvd. Brampton, Ontario L6Y 0B2 Toronto Ontario L6Y0B2、 L6Y0C9

YVR3 109 Braid Street New Westminster, BC V3L5H4 Westminster BC V3L5H4

Shipping To The Canada Amazon By Fulfillment Air price list

Shipping to the Canada Amazon by fulfillment by air price list which from our warehouse in China.
Country Zone FBA Warehouse Code 21-50KG 51-70KG 71-100KG 101-300KG 301-500KG 501-1000KG 1001KG+
Canada CA1 YYZ1,YYZ2,YYZ3 32.5  32.5  32.5  31.5  31.5  31.5  31.5 
CA2 YVR1,YVR3 35.0  35.0  35.0  35.0  35.0  35.0  35.0 

Shipping to the Canada Amazon by fulfillment(FBA) by air notes:

  • Shipping to the Canada Amazon by fulfillment (FBA)Air price is DDP rates include duty
  • This shipping way doesn't ship the product which have battery and magnetic. If the products have magnetic doesn't let us know, there will have checking charges $100 for each shipment
  • This shipping way doesn't need ready customs clearance documents export from China, If supplier want we provide this services, the clearing fee is USD73.5/shipment
  • In order to quickly finish customs clearance doesn't ship over 3 product name in one FBA shipment, Ready "Commerical Invoice" "Packing List" provided by our company.
  • Below products add air freight RMB2/KG: Bags, shoes, textiles, automotive interior decoration, commodity inspection products, wood products, air box, all the pens, kitchen knives (knives not connected) products, thermometer (mercury thermometer with), blood pressure, safety hammer, handcart, steel nail, stationery paper (notebook, diary), folding type metal tables and chairs

How to order:

  • 1. Contact with Goodhpoe, We will arrange one of sales follow your quote and jobs

  • 2. Confirm shipping way, quote supplier's contacts, reading date

  • 3. Confirm customs and shipping documents whether correct complete

  • 4. Confirm cartons quality goods size weight meets the requirements

  • 5. We send warehouse address and number to supplier

  • 6. Confirm additional services: repack labels storage Consolidate...

  • 7. We provide transit invoice to you

  • 8. Shipments on the way to Amazon FBA

  • 9. Arrive destination port clearances pay import duty

  • 10. We receive the payment and delivery to FBA

Inquiry Infomation
  • Title

  • Email(correct Email address is important)

  • More inquiry details get more correct quote


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