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Amazon Fba shipping requirements

Amazon Fba shipping requirements

Amazon has set Amazon Fba shipping requirements and criteria for all the type of parcels. The parcel which has fulfilled the criteria is considered eligible to have place as inventory in the Fba warehouse. However, if the parcel failed to fulfill the Amazon Fba shipping requirements than it may result in the failure to get space in the FBA inventory and it may face blockage on future shipments.

The requirement for multiple sized boxes is that it should not exceed more than 25 inches. However, if the product size is more than 25 inches, only than the box size can exceed its prescribed limit. The general rule for the over sized boxes are that the Fba can charge additional fee or it can refuse it at the fulfillment center.

It is also necessary for the contents of each box that it should contain inventory with only one shipment ID. The shipment ID can be easily found on the shipment summary page. Moreover, the shipment details in the seller account should also match the physical shipment to the fulfillment center which includes Merchant SKU, Quantity, Condition, FNSKU and packaging option.

The general FBA rule for weight of the box is that it should not exceed more than 50lbs, unless it contains an over sized product that exceeds 50lbs. If there is single 50lbs over sized product than it should be labeled as team lift and if the product exceeds 100lbs of weight that it should be labeled as Mech lift. The general rule for jewelry and watches is that it should not exceed 40lbs of weight.

The boxed can be filled with air pillows or bubble wrap to ensure safety during the shipping period. For those boxes which are re used, it is essential to make sure that the re used boxes are in a clean form. There should not be any barcodes, labels o anything attached with them before using them for the shipping again. Boxes which are used for the shipping includes regular slotted carton, B flute, ECT-32 and 200 lb/sq. Only these types of boxes are acceptable by the Amazon Fba.

The overage, mis-shipped or damaged boxes are instantly rejected at the dock and there is no return authorization. Infact t, these shipments will be returned at the expense of the Amazon seller. If the shipment is returned back than it is essential to contact Amazon first to avoid any further inconvenience.


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