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Amazon package/Product dimensions

There is certain Amazon Package dimension requirements set by the Amazon FBA before the product is shipped to the FBA warehouse. These requirements are for packaging and products to ensure that the product has been packed in the correct packaging. Therefore before shipping the parcel for fulfillment by Amazon, it is required to ask the supplier for correct packaging and label of the product, so that it should not be rejected, disapprove or return by the fulfillment by Amazon.

The FBA requirements for Amazon Package dimension are separate for both the product and packaging of the product. The product dimension is the dimensions which are just about the product and without including the packaging dimensions. The product dimensions for each product is clearly mentioned on the product page under the heading ‘Product Information’. However, for the fulfillment by Amazon, both the product and packaging dimensions are required to be entered correctly for correct fee estimate.

As far as the packaging dimensions are concerned it depends on the unit size and weight. Box which contains multiple size units should not exceed 25 inches on any side. However, if the Amazon Package dimension unit size is more than of the 25 inches of the box side, than it is possible to pack it in a bigger box with additional fees. It is also required to add correct weight requirements. The standard boxes cannot exceed 50lbs of weight, unless the product is oversized than 50lbs of weight and it will be labeled as ‘Team lift’. If it exceeds more than 100 lbs of weight it will be labeled as ‘Mech Lift’. These labels are attached on the top and side of the box. For smaller items like hand watches the prescribed weight limit is 40lbs.

Indeed, it is important to check the Amazon product dimensions on the specific product page and also the package dimensions which are clearly mentioned by FBA. Amazon Package dimension requirements should be sent to the supplier to avoid any inconvenience for FBA.


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