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Amazon packaging requirements

Amazon packaging requirements

Amazon Fba has certain packaging requirements, which are very important to follow carefully to avoid any inconvenience in the shipping process. It is highly recommended to check the complete Amazon packaging requirements before sending the products for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

The first requirement is about the packaging which varies from product to product. The requirements for certain products are different from each other. Some products come with complementary products, hence labeled as ‘Sold as set’. Moreover, if the requirements are not followed properly than Amazon Fba has right to reject the parcel or repackage the product at the expense of the seller.

FNSKU is necessary to be used on each product and it is compulsory that each product should have different FNSKU. The FNSKU barcode must be placed on the exterior area of the product so that it can be easily accessible. Furthermore, it Is required for all the packaging options to mention the expiry date.

Every packaging has its own requirements which are necessary to follow and there is specific guideline for different type of packaging.

For the loose products it is necessary that the packaging should be secure so that there should not be any piece of the product coming out of the packaging. Amazon also does not accept those products which require assembling of pieces by Amazon itself.

For those products which are sold as sets are required to have the marked as sets label on its packaging. The label can be like ‘Sold as sets’. These units are sealed and cannot be separated. However, units without this label can be separated. Therefore it is highly recommended to mark the set units as ‘Sold as sets’ and Do not separate etc.

For the box units, it is necessary that it should be a six sided box with tightly sealed lid or opening of the box. The box packaging should not collapse and if it has openings in it than the product must pass 3-foot drop test. If the product failed to pass the test than it will be packed in a poly bag packaging.

Poly Bag units have certain requirements which are as following:

  • If the poly bag in larger than 5 inch in size than it will have a suffocation warning tag attached to it, either in a print form or as a label tag.
  • Poly Bag should be transparent with at least 1.5 mils thickness
  • Poly bag must have a bar code and it should be sealed properly

Lastly, for the case- packed products it is required that all these products should have a matching SKU. The case pack limit is 150 pieces / case and all the boxes should have equal quantity of the products.

Indeed, these are the requirements set by the Fba for products to successfully get a place in the Fba warehouse. Furthermore, do read the following for quick references.

The following documents are available for you to print off and use as a quick reference when preparing your products for shipment to Amazon fulfillment centers:

  • How to prep products: A downloadable document providing a summary of basic prep guidelines, available for you to print off and refer to when prepping your Units for FBA shipments. [Check back periodically for updated versions]
  • Packaging and Shipping Inventory to Amazon: Download and print this manual for Packaging and Shipping Inventory to Amazon, or share with your distributor or supplier when they send directly to Amazon.


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