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Amazon uses multiple shipping options which include UPS, FedEx, and USPC Etc. The Amazon prime shipping packages are usually shipped with the UPS shipping services. Infact, if the shipping is in large quantity then also Amazon will use the Amazon UPS drop shipping services. That is why UPS is considered as most used shipping source by the Amazon.

Ups shipping services is a reliable source of shipping. UPS also offer discounts and have two features which are UPS drop off and UPS pick up. In UPS drop off it is required to print the mailing label and drop the package to the nearest UPS location. In the UPS pick up service there is no need for the mailing label. However, Ups will bring the label itself and you have to request UPS pickup and they will Pick up your return. The pickup request can be cancelled anytime. The benefit of using UPS drop off service is that the return package can be drop to the nearest UPS drop box easily and it also easily accessible by everyone.

In case of the Fba returns the seller only has to contact the customer support and Amazon will offer refund to the customer and he will have 30 days to return the product back. Those sellers who are the Fba feature are only required to pay fee to enjoy the Fba services. However, sellers who are not using the Fba feature can use the direct shipping methods such as UPS shipping services. Both of the services deliver the products to the clients. UPS is also Amazon partnered carrier and also offers discounts for the customers.

Indeed, both the shipping methods have their own features. The Fba sellers who are paying the Fba fee can enjoy the Fba shipping option while the sellers who are not using the Fba feature can use the 3rd party shipping services such as UPS.


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