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how does amazon fulfillment work

How does amazon fulfillment work

How does amazon fulfillment work? Amazon fulfillment service involves selling products through the Amazon portal. Simply put Amazon fulfillment service simply means Amazon fulfilled by Amazon. It entails a seller setting up a store to sell products on the Amazon website. All you have to do is to get your product sent to the Amazon warehouse where it is stored and ready for shipment instead of staying at your place. When a customer places an order for your product, the order is placed through the Amazon website so Amazon becomes responsible for packaging and delivering your product to the customer. Amazon fulfills the order because Amazon becomes responsible for the product and handles the logistics in relation to the product. Amazon takes necessary steps to make sure the product is delivered successfully. Amazon customer service receives any complaint about the product. If a customer wishes to return a product, it is also handled by the Amazon customer service. This is to say that Amazon fulfillment simply entails third party selling their products on the Amazon website and Amazon provides them with logistics and customer service for their products.

Now you may be wondering how Amazon fulfillment works.

Amazon Fulfillment words Ecommerce sites

Amazon fulfillment works just like the normal e-commerce sites. The difference is that Amazon handles most of the logistics and also helps sellers to ship their products to prospective buyers. Fulfilment by Amazon it’s a very great platform if you want to break into the e-commerce world, this is because it provides sellers with lots of traffic and also promotes their product to a wider audience across the globe.

Fulfilment by Amazon is very easy to understand. All you have to do is to create an account with, then enter your details for confirmation, after which you make a selection for the products you want to sell, and the ship your product to the Amazon warehouse. Label your product and watch your product being sold without much stress. Amazon lets you tap into the wide range of Amazons’ distribution power and customer network.

You may ask the question, how can I make money through Amazon fulfillment?

How work can make the Money on Amazon fulfillment

To make money on Amazon fulfillment all you have to do is place your product on after signing up with them. You make money with Amazon fulfillment when a product you advertise is sold. There are two kinds of account with Amazon fulfillment; you have the individual account and the professional account.

For the individual account, you don’t pay a monthly fee $1 is deducted for each sale you make. For the professional account, the first month is free and subsequent months are charged are the rates of $39.99 dollars monthly. In a nutshell everything you need to know about Amazon FBA includes, first to find a product to sell, secondly you list your products on Amazon, then sending the items to the Amazon warehouse, and Amazon packs and store your product then your product goes live on the Amazon website which is your product becomes eligible for purchase before you can begin to receive orders from prospective buyers of your products.

When you have an order, Amazon ships the product to the prospective buyer. Amazon customer service handles all complaints and inquiries about your product. Amazon fulfillment preferable compared to running your personal e-commerce website due to the amount of traffic generated to your product through the Amazon website.


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