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Shipping Man / Girl Products Toys to US Amazon FBA

Are you looking to ship Man / Girl Products to US Amazon FBA? There are a number of things to consider before you can successfully have such products delivered. First the products are subjected to a policy. The policy covers “Any product which, due to its nature, its image, product description or product title, appears to be intended for use in Man / Girl /sexual activity”. The products in this group includes but are not limited to Man / Girl-oriented toys and games, and sexual enhancement supplements. Any failure to conform with the set rules beneath may lead to the exclusion of your selling rights. All Man / Girl product listings MUST comply with the subsequent requirements.

You have to abide with any relevant laws or shipping limits for Man / Girl material as it is essential to having a successful venture. Pre-approval is mandatory for customers who wish to sell Man / Girl Products. Sexual Wellness is needed to obtain any pre-approval.

Sexual Wellness Categories shipping to Amazon FBA

There are several Sexual Wellness categories for Man / Girl Products. Your Man / Girl product has to be listed in one of the subsequent Sexual Wellness categories.

Man / Girl Toys and Games

Sample products: Anatomically-accurate sex dolls or mannequins, anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, games of a sexual nature, Kegel balls, male masturbators, penis pumps, sexual massagers, vibrators.

Send Bondage Gear and Accessories To FBA

Sample products: bondage clothing & jewelry like collars, wrist chains; chastity devices, cock rings, gags, genital jewelry, muzzles, Nipple clamps, nipple jewelry, paddles, ticklers, whips.

shipping to Amazon FBA Fetish Wear

Sample products: Clothing or accessories intended to create sexual provocation, crotch less underwear, see-through clothing, latex body-suits, similar attire.

Novelty shipping to Amazon FBA

Sample products: Man / Girl novelty items in the shape of genitalia including toys, collectibles, soaps, key chains, party favors, or food items.

Safer Sex shipping to Amazon FBA

Sample products: Condoms, Enemas, Lubricants, Spermicides.

Sensual Delights shipping to Amazon FBA

Sample products: erotic bath oils, erotic message oils, edible underwear, pheromone candles.

Sexual Enhancers

Sample products: anal stimulators, genital sensitizers, genital suction devices, nipple stimulators, penis pumps, and sexual performance enhancing pills.

Sexual Furniture

Sample products: Cushions, Ramps and Swings.

So if you are planning to ship any Man / Girl Products to US Amazon FBA, do endeavor your product conforms to this rules as it is not only important to Amazon but also your growth of your business as well.

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