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Fulfillment by Amazon vs. self shipping

Fulfillment by Amazon vs. self shipping

Fulfillment by Amazon vs self shipping, Amazon provides wide variety of services for its sellers. Besides that they also provide shipping services which is known fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The sellers on Amazon can either go for self shipping or they can opt for the Fba feature. The benefit for selection the Fba feature is that it will save the seller for a lot of hassle. Firstly, the seller does not have to worry about the shipping because the Amazon Fba will take of complete shipping process. Infact, even after the shipping process if the products are returned back or there queries from the buyers, the professional and skilled Amazon customer support will handle each and every query of the buyers. This will not only relax the seller mind but it will save his time. Another feature is that the Fba shipping is fast and convenient as compare to the self shipping. However, the seller is required to pay the fee as prescribed the Amazon Fba to enjoy these services.

As far as the self shipping method is concerned, Fulfillment by Amazon vs self shipping the seller has to manage everything himself. This may sound as a slow method but it is cheaper as compared to the Fulfillment by Amazon method. In the self shipment method the seller has to take care of the logistics and shipments himself. However, the shipping process can be slow but cheaper as compared to the fulfillment by Amazon.

If the seller has a huge inventory that is suitable for him to opt for the fulfillment by Amazon because. If he select the self shipping option then it is possible that the shipments get delayed. The self shipping process is slow but it is cost effective. That is why Fulfillment by Amazon is suitable for the sellers with large inventories, so that their products will be shipped faster and if there any problems in shipping or products are returned than the seller doesn’t have to worry at all because the professional Amazon customer support is there to handle the queries Fulfillment by Amazon vs self shipping.


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