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It is required for the sellers using the FBA prep feature to send the products correctly and following the complete requirements set by the Amazon FBA prep . If they fail to comply with FBA prep requirements then there product may face rejection to get eligible for the fulfillment center. However, it is better to seek professional services from the companies who offer FBA prep and ship services.

How the FBA prep and ship service providers work?

First of all carefully list all the products you have selected from the supplier and tell the supplier to send the products to your forwarder. The next step is that the forwarder will check in the products and then you have to start the listing process. When you are doing the listing task, make sure to correctly write each and every detail of the product. It is better to add one item at a time. Before listing the products you need all the important information such as UPC, EAN, or ISBN to ensure that the product information is correct. The next step is to use a good product image which should be according to the Amazon product display picture size. Moreover, it is recommended to research strong keywords for the products as it enhances the SEO of the product.

On the other hand your products will be processed to shipment by the FBA prep and ship services providers and as soon as you finish the listings, you are products are ready to get shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center and the FBA prep and ship service providers will ship your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

The process is very easy and cost effective, as the prep and ship service providers will charge a nominal fee per products and will safely ship your products to the Amazon fulfillment center.


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