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How to send products to Amazon Fba

Finally, the products are ready to get listed and the listing process is started by a shipping plan which is necessary to send to the fulfillment center. Basically, a shipping plan is the list of products which is send to the fulfillment center, now How to send products to Amazon FBA?

The shipment creation tool in the seller account is very useful and by using this tool it makes it easier to do the product settings such as you can select product quantity, shipping methods and the products you want to send to the Fba. It also provides option about prep and labeling which means that either you can yourself label your products or let Amazon do it. After the shipping plan step is successfully done, the products are ready to get shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center.

After the listing process your products are ready to be shipped to the Amazon Fba. This can be done by three ways. The first way is that if you have ordered larger quantity of products from the supplier [let’s say the supplier is based in China] than it is recommended to use the services of external freight forwarders companies who are specialized in Fba preparation and shipment. Once your listings are done the Fba prep and ship companies will handle your shipment carefully and ship it to the desired Amazon fulfillment center. However, the Fba prep and ship company will charge a nominal fee per product from you and will provide you shipment services which can save your precious time.

For smaller quantity products it is better to use the courier services such as DHL or FedEx. These courier services are reliable, fast and convenient. If you still persist on using direct shipping from the supplier and the quantity is high then you can use the freight services. They have shipping facilities by both the sea and air. However, the air shipping expensive but it can take 1-2 weeks while shipping by sea is cheap but it can take up to one month of delivery time to the Amazon Fba. Lastly Amazon is not responsible for any type of duties therefore it is recommended to order Delivery duty paid (DDP) shipment to the fulfillment center. Do you know how to send products to amazon fba now?


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