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How to usd Amazon FBA Step by Step

Like Stated earlier, Amazon FBA which stands for Amazon fulfillment Order involves individuals buying products from producers and sending them to Amazon warehouse. It’s a third party service employed by Amazon to enable people to sell products through their platforms. For you to be able to advertise and sell your products through Amazon, first of all, you would need to create an account with,Amazon FBA Step by Step

Amazon FBA Step by Step- Sign up on Amazon

Need to register on, the Amazon website if you have not registered yet. While registering it is important to decide on the type of account you want to operate. There are two kinds of accounts on Amazon FBA. There is the professional account and also the individual account. The professional account is meant for sellers who wish to sell a lot of products. An individual account is meant for sellers who have very little products for sale. After choosing account type you’ll be required to provide your email address and also prove your identity. After which you will have to select a charging method and also provide seller information.

Choosing and Listing a Product.

If you have created your account the next step for you is to think about a product or select the product you want to sell. It is very important to choose your products wisely in order to get buyers. You can have products and you won’t even make sales if you have a wrong product. After choosing your product the next step is to list the items you want to sell on Amazon. When listing your product you are required to provide some information such as the price for the item and also the description of your product. Also, you have a choice to select if you will personally ship the item or if Amazon should ship the item for you. It is important for you to be honest in your product description.

Shipping your Product to Amazon warehouse.

Once you have listed your products on Amazon. Your product is not yet eligible to be displayed for sale. You need to send your product to the Amazon warehouse; this process is known as the FBA shipping plan. Amazon FBA shipping plan enables you to send your product to the Amazon warehouse close to you. In creating an Amazon FBA shipping plan there are two factors to be considered and they include the kind of products you want to ship. Your product can either be an individual product for multiple products or packed for a box of a single product. Case packed products involve a box with the same product why individual product involves different kinds of products.

Labeling your Product.

After sending your product to the Amazon ware house, it is important to label your products. Your product becomes live after labeling. You can let Amazon label your product or you can place your label yourself. This helps you as Amazon places your product with other units other matching units free stuff this allows Amazon ship products faster

Receiving and Managing Orders

Once you have labeled your product. You are ready for sales; all you have to do is wait for buyers to place an order on your product. Once you have an order, Amazon packs and ship the product to the customer. Amazon then provides the customer with a tracking number to track their product

Customer Support

Amazon is responsible for customer service for your product should there be complaints or issues about a product. Enquiries are also directed to the Amazon customer service.

Selling of products has not been made much easier at your product can reach millions of buyers around the globe giving your product a cutting edge advantage in the global marketplace Amazon FBA Step by Step.


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