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Air Freight To Australia FBA rates From Shenzhen China

Air Freight To Australia FBA rates From Shenzhen China (excluding tax RMB DDP delivery) 12 September 2017

Air Freight To Australia FBA rates From Shenzhen China
Hongkong Take Off
51 kg
71 kg
101 kg
300 kg
500 kg
1001 kg
  ¥28.00 ¥26.50 ¥25.50 ¥25.00 ¥24.00 ¥23.00        AU04 5-7 Working Days

*The above quote is FOB (Freight on Board) Hong Kong Airlines Flights to Australia.

According to the violation of state transport ban product, powdered items such as gunpowder may not be accepted. As a result of Australia's high rate when it comes to inspection, wooden products are also prohibited, they do not accept any wooden products, such as wooden handicrafts, cosmetic brush, wooden furniture, etc. in order to protect the stability of the times, these items are generally not allowed but subject to inspection.

The prepaid value without tariff is AUD1000, if the prepaid value is above AUD1000/kgs, 20% tariff (to make up the actual tax less) low self declaration shall prevail


  • Electronic documents, invoices and packing list should be provided to us. Accepting imitation of brand products is strictly prohibited. Fine cost RMB100-1000/notes. No refund processing.
  • 3.Actual goods and deliveries (forecast) must be declared. If not declared, we are not responsible with the problem; we are not liable for all the consequences and the cost of forwarding the goods.
  • 4.Receiving liquid, powder, food, medicine, inflammable, explosive, antique, currency and other countries prohibited exports and as well as airlines prohibited goods is strictly inspected; if found to have washed goods, we will confiscate the items and give a fine of RMB1000 yuan.
  • 5.Warm prompt: In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods, shipment of each product should have an affixed "MADE IN CHINA" label, products that are not affixed with "made in China" label will affect the goods resulting to detaining of the goods, and we are not responsible for the product.
  • 6.If it is FBA goods, in order to ensure the normal scanning of FBA, each carton of the outer box needs at least 2 FBA bar codes (one before and after each).
  • 7.Goods are limited to the MEL&SYD service, no service in other areas. Australian local use of special vehicle delivery.
  • 8.If the address is incorrect, specific fees will incur for changing addresses and overhead costs need to be individually consulted.
  • 9.If the goods shipped from the customers need. Changing the address withheld or need other services such as the subject, operating costs, the specific cost of single query.

Air Freight To Australia FBA rates Surcharge

  • If the customs declared tax rebates with the goods, you have to add RMB300/copies.
  • Also Pay the tariff fee RMB 150.

Air Freight To Australia FBA rates Weighing Methods

  • Calculation of the weight of goods: length x width x height cm (L x W x H in cm)/ 6000 total solid weight and volume are larger.
  • Pieces of goods that is considerable in 70KG with a single ticket subject to RMB300 overweight surcharge.
  • The volume cannot exceed: the length side of ultra 120CM, single ticket plus RMB300 extra long surcharge.

The Principle of Compensation

In the process of transporting goods, if the goods are lost or locked up, you will be compensated by the value of the goods or RMB20/KG (whichever is smaller) after the confirmation by our company.

Note: that freights will not be returned.

In particular, the following cases are not subject to compensation:

  • If breaking any of our agreement, our company does not bear any responsibility, and retain to the sender. Provide me the loss of compensation.
  • If the goods fail to be declared in accordance with the actual conditions, breaking the terms of law upon the intellectual property rights, and prohibit the importation of goods, etc.,
  • The customs shall deduct the goods. This case does not covered by the principle of compensation. We will only assist the sender in providing clearance documents to the customs.
  • If the quality of the goods itself, as well as the specific certification have issues involved, there will be no compensation to the customer.
  • In case of war, natural disasters and other irresistible factors that leads to destruction or loss of the goods, there are no compensation.
  • In the course of transportation, if the flight is delayed due to customs clearance delay and other delays there will be no compensation.
  • If the quantity of the product is not enough. The damage will not be entertained. Damaged goods

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