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Shipping Freight (China) Limited as one of important freight forwarding company whom provide sea freight to the US FBA. We provide kinds of sea freight shipping ways from main Chinese sea port: Shenzhen Yantian sea port, Shekou sea port, Chiwan sea port, Shanghai seaport, Xiamen sea port, Ningbo sea port to all the US FBA: FBA code (UAZ1 PHX3 PHX5 PHX6 PHX7 TFC1 UCA5 DLA3 UCA3 UCA2 DLA1 DLA2 DLA4 DSD2 UCA6 ONT9 SNA4 ONT2 ONT5 ONT7 ONT6 ONT8 UCA4 DSF5 UCA7 UCA1 UCA9 OAK5 OAK6 DSF1 UCA8 DSF3 XUSD OAK4 OAK3 BDL1 BDL5 PHL7 PHL8 PHL1 PHL3 UFL1 MIA5 TPA1 TPA2 MCO5 UFL3 UFL4 ATL8 ATL7 UGA1 UGA2 ATL6 DCH2 MDW2 DCH3 MDW6 MDW5 MDW1 UIL1 XUSE IND2 IND3 IND4 IND6 SDF8 IND1 IND5 MCI5 TUL1 SDF7 SDF9 LEX1 LEX2 CVG1 CVG5 CVG7 SDF1 SDF4 SDF6 SDF2 CVG2 CVG3 DBO2 BOS5 BOS6 DDC2 BWI1 BWI1 BWI5 DTW5 MSP1 MSP5 UMN1 CLT5 UNC1 UNC2 EWR5 EWR6 EWR7 EWR9 ACY5 EWR4 RNO1 RNO4 RNO2 LAS2 JFK7 CMH1 LCK1 UOH1 UOH2 UOR1 PIT5 XUSC MDT1 ABE5 PHL5 ABE2 ABE3 AVP3 AVP6 PHL4 PHL6 AVP1 CAE1 GSP1 BNA5 CHA2 CHA1 BNA1 BNA2 BNA3 UTX2 UTX1 DFW6 DDC1 FTW1 DFW8 XUSB DFW7 UTX3 HOU1 SAT1 SAT5 UTX4 UTX5 UVA3 RIC1 RIC2 RIC3 UVA2 SEA6 SEA8 BFL5 UWA1 DSE2 UWA3 UWA2 BFL3 BFI1 MKE1 MKE5 )

Our services is the best; our price is reasonable; Our partner are professional. Below are our sea freight rates from China to US FBA.

LCL Sea Freight To The US FBA Price List

LCL Sea Freight To US FBA
Amazon Warehouse Code LCL Sea Freight(USD/CBM)
1~2 2~5 5~10 10~15 15~30 Over30
UCA5/ DLA3/ UCA3/ UCA2/ DLA1/ DLA2/ DLA4/ / / ONT9/ SNA4/ ONT2/ ONT5/ ONT7/ ONT6/ ONT8/ UCA4 $228 $191 $184 $176 $169 $162
UAZ1/ PHX3/ PHX5/ PHX6/ PHX7/ TFC1/ DSD2/ UCA6/ DSF5/ UCA7/ UCA1/ UCA9/ OAK5/ OAK6/ DSF1/ UCA8/ DSF3/ XUSD/ OAK4/ OAK3/ RNO1/ RNO4/ RNO2/ LAS2/ UOR1/ $235 $199 $191 $184 $176 $169
SEA6/ SEA8/ BFL5/ UWA1/ DSE2/ UWA3/ UWA2/ BFL3/ BFI1/ $248 $213 $206 $199 $191 $184
MKE1/ MKE5/ BNA5/ CHA2/ CHA1/ BNA1/ BNA2/ BNA3/ UTX2/ UTX1/ DFW6/ DDC1/ FTW1/ DFW8/ XUSB/ DFW7/ UTX3/ HOU1/ SAT1/ SAT5/ / UTX4/ UTX5/ DCH2/ MDW2/ DCH3/ MDW6/ MDW5/ MDW1/ UIL1/ XUSE/ IND2/ IND3/ IND4/ IND6/ SDF8/ IND1/ IND5/ MCI5/ TUL1/ SDF7/ SDF9/ LEX1/ LEX2/ CVG1/ CVG5/ CVG7/ SDF1/ SDF4/ SDF6/ SDF2/ CVG2/ CVG3/ $248 $221 $213 $213 206 $199
ATL8/ ATL7/ UGA1/ UGA2/ ATL6/ CMH1/ LCK1/ UOH1/ UOH2/ CAE1/ GSP1/ UVA3/ RIC1/ RIC2/ RIC3/ UVA2/ $279 $243 $235 $228 $221 $213
BDL1/ BDL5/ PHL7/ PHL8/ PHL1/ PHL3/ UFL1/ MIA5/ TPA1/ TPA2/ MCO5/ UFL3/ UFL4/ DBO2/ BOS5/ BOS6/ DDC2/ BWI1/ BWI1/ BWI5/ DTW5/ MSP1/ MSP5/ UMN1/ CLT5/ UNC1/ UNC2/ EWR5/ EWR6/ EWR7/ EWR9/ / / ACY5/ EWR4/ JFK7/ PIT5/ XUSC/ MDT1/ ABE5/ PHL5/ ABE2/ ABE3/ AVP3/ AVP6/ PHL4/ PHL6/ AVP1 $338 $294 $279 $272 $265 $248

LCL sea freight from Shenzhen to the US FBA shipping notes:

  • Volume weight: 1 Cubic metre=200KG. Such as shipment total weight is 600KG, volume is 1 Cubic metre, shipping to ONT5. The cost=$191*(600/200)=$573.
  • Transit time: shippint to the Western United States Amazon FBA take 20~30 days; Shipping to the other United States Amazon FBA take 35~45days.
  • Shipping at least 1.5 cubic metre.
  • OVer LCL shipping rates only use for general cargo
  • Over use before 31TH March 2017
  • Over LCL sea freight include: Ocean freight, customs fees both China and US, Pallet fee, AMS, ISF 10+2, document fee, warehouse unloading and loading fee, delivery to the FBA
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